October 28, 2022

EP 163: Compassion in Healing Trauma with Dr. Susan Pollak

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Self-compassion training alters neural responses to pain, Dr. Susan Pollak

Today's PTSD and Beyond Podcast guest is author and co-founder and teacher at the Center for Mindfulness and Compassion at Harvard Medical School / Cambridge Health Alliance, Dr. Susan Pollak. A longtime student of meditation and yoga, Dr. Pollak began integrating the practices of meditation into psychotherapy since the 1980s. The author of the Psychology Today blog, The Art of Now: Essential Skills for Mindfulness, Dr. Pollak shares practices and insights of bringing mindfulness into day life!

In this episode we cover:

~ Essentials of self-compassion

~ New insights from integrating meditation into psychotherapy

~ Inspiration from daily life stories


As always...listen, take what resonates, and go beyond!

In Love and Healing,

Dr. Deb

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