Dr. Jim Afremow is a much sought-after mental skills coach, licensed professional counselor, and passionate voice at the forefront of helping others achieve peak performance, personal excellence, and their true potential. He is the founder of the Champion’s Mind app and the author of the books, The Champion’s Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive, The Champion’s Comeback: How great Athletes Recover, Reflect, and Reignite, and The Young Champion’s Mind: How to Think Train, and Thrive Like an Elite Athlete. Dr. Afremow’s mental training coaching and consulting spans across the globe to athletes in major sports teams including the MLB, NBA, WNBA, LPGA Tour, NHL, NFL, and the UFC as well as numerous high school, collegiate, recreational, and Olympic teams.


In this episode of PTSD and Beyond: Champion’s Mind, Dr. Afremow, Mark Gruesbeck, M.A., and I discuss “peak performance” is a guiding ethic to step into growth and personal and professional greatness. Dr. Afremow shares that anyone can learn to think like a champion and how opening our minds in this way to the idea and possibility is both building the blocks and foundation to be a champion and live a gold-medal life. He also talks about the wisdom and compassion found from “daily practice that brings joy” through the 4 C’s: Composure, Confidence, Commitment, and Concentration. Finally, Dr. Afremow shares what we can learn from our setbacks, disappointments, and grieving, as well as the importance of healing and transformation through visualization, wisdom, and compassion.




For more information about Dr. Jim Afremow, the Champion’s Mind app, books, and his work, connect with Dr. Afremow:

Web: GoldMedalMind.net

Twitter: @GoldMedalMind

App: ChampionsMind.app

Most of us know that self-talk is a powerful influencer. What we think eventually becomes what we believe. Just as much as what we say to ourselves, we will eventually believe.


In this PTSD and Beyond Podcast episode, Mark Gruesbeck, M.A. and I discuss the elements of becoming a Champion. As our Nation is faced with unprecedented events, how can we become our own champions as well as someone else's champion?


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Happy New Year 2021! We have a new year and a new time to begin...again. What's really changed? How can this year and time be different than other years?


In this episode, we talk about what are changes and beginnings AND how this episode is the preface to the month of January's exploring of past PTSD and Beyond Podcast guest, Dr. Jim Afremow's The Champion's Mind and The Champion's Comeback. 

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December 18, 2020

Finding Love

Is it too late to find love? To find a life partner? To marry...again? When will I ever find them?

These questions often come up and there's two things that hold us back from a person coming into our life.

In this PTSD and Beyond Episode, I share these two things as well as a meditation because keep believing! They are looking for you just as much as you're looking for them. Remember - THEY are looking for YOU too!

December 17, 2020

Growth Rituals

There's something after grief and grieving...it's growth.  ~ Dr. Deb Lindh


Most of us have heard about grief and grieving rituals...but what about growth rituals? What are growth rituals and how are they important to healing?


This week's PTSD and Beyond Podcast Episode, we dive into those questions as well as share examples of growth rituals and learnings from other's lived experiences.

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"Grief and grieving is the way; the way to closure and peace," ~ Dr. Deb Lindh

Grief. What is grief? Grieving. What is grieving? How are grief and grieving a part of trauma recovery and healing?

Often when thinking about grief and grieving, what comes to mind is death...the loss of a loved one. But we grieve many kinds of losses; the loss of a job, the loss of a relationship such as a friend or spouse in divorce, the loss of family like when going no-contact, and even the loss of heirlooms.

Grief and grieving in trauma recovery and healing is a much needed ingredient for growth, closure, and peace; it's rare to address and find it being addressed, discussed, and worked through.

This week's PTSD and Beyond Podcast, Mark Gruesbeck, M.A. and I talk about grief, grieving, trauma recovery , and healing from lived experiences. We openly share about this life experience from an open space that is safe, vulnerable, and authentic.

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"Stories bring people together," ~ Adam Hill, M.D.

This week's PTSD and Beyond Podcast guest, is father, husband, pediatric palliative physician, and recovering alcoholic and survivor of depression/suicide idealization, Dr. Adam Hill. We all have our own stories, and each story deserves an empathetic ear. Sharing the truth of his experiences, Dr. Hill hopes his story will help someone who is listening. 

"There is hope for recovery, one step and one day at at time." ~ Adam Hill, M.D.

We all have a role to play in decreasing mental health and addiction stigma. The power of vulnerability in sharing our stories and struggles leads to realizing there's strength in vulnerability. It's that strength that is a preventative to relapse and gets people what they need to survive, empowers, and fosters safety and security.

"Finding peace and grace...it's being okay with what you've done."

~ Adam Hill, M.D.

Dr. Hill shares that writing his memoir, Long Walk Out of the Woods: A Physician's Story of Addiction, Depression, Hope & Recovery, he found peace, grace, recovery, and healing while working in the field of medicine. 

Dr. Adam Hill's work has been featured in the New England Journal of Medicine, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, and Modern Healthcare and has received recognition for his work as the pediatric faculty of the year award at Indiana University, 2019 National Mental Health Champion by Medium/Thrive Global, and distinguished alumni award from Butler University. To learn more about Dr. Adam Hill including speaking engagements, connect with him at:

Twitter ~ @Adamhill1212

Web ~ www.AdamBHillMD.com

Book ~ A Long Walk Out of the Woods: A Physician's Story of Depression, Addiction, Hope, and Recovery

"Good psychology should include all the methodological techniques, without having loyalty to one method, one idea, or one person," ~ Abraham Maslow


In honor of International Stress Awareness, this week's PTSD and Beyond Podcast Episode, Mark Gruesbeck, MA and I cover 6 "Greats," Abraham Maslow, Hans Selye, Carl Jung, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Alan Watts, and Louise Hay.  Each of these folks bring a unique perspective on the affects of stress. We've chosen them as collectively they bring a holistic view covering affects of stress on the body, the mind, the emotions, and energy.

"It's not the stress that kills us, it's our reaction to it." ~ Hans Selye

What are some affects of stress? What can we learn from Selye's research and works? We cover nuggets of Selye's work and how Van Der Kolk continued that work and further showed how the body keeps the score.

"What you resists, persists," ~ Carl Jung

Jung further teaches us that stress is like a boomerang when we resist it persists. How do we then "let go" of stress? What can we do to resist stress?


"To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don't grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead you relax, and float,” – Alan Watts.

According to Watts, there's a beauty of not grabbing on and holding on to stress and including anxiety. His point is illustrated with the above quote. Just as much as we cannot grab the water, we cannot grab stress. Instead we relax and float through.


"Stress is a fear reaction to life and to life's constant changes," Louise Hay

Hay brings another value of her applied work in her book, You Can Heal Your Life, identifying affirmations linked to dis-ease and emotional distress. We provide Hays 10 affirmations bringing an additional lens into stress relief and Be-ing.


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"Motivation is temporary. Encouragement provides support, confidence, and hope and inspiration touches the soul." ~ Dr. Deb Lindh

How often do we attend an event to see a motivational speaker...we're all jazzed and pump-up to go back to our homes, offices, and lives to put to use what we've heard only to shelve it? Watching the motivational speaker strut on stage we think "YEAH!" and within a short period of time, that "YEAH" fizzes out to "Meh!"


Motivation. It's temporary and yet it's packaged as sustainable. But it's not sustainable. If motivation was sustainable then we'd all be motivated and not need to come back to the many self-help books, videos, streams, and podcasts. We'd be all set.

So what can the place of motivation? Encouragement and Inspiration! This week's PTSD and Beyond Podcast episode shares with listeners the value of encouragement and inspiration and ways to embrace both.

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"We remember it because we feel it." - Dr. Peggy Rowe Ward

The body is the foundation of mindfulness and the body knows. There are simple tools that can help people to quickly and easily stabilize the nervous system. For folks affected by and with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges...the nervous system is what we seek to move from being "stuck" to flow and sometimes we recognize to get unstuck whereas other times we don't recognize and know that we are stuck.

In this week's PTSDandBeyond Podcast Episode, Dr. Peggy Rowe Ward shares with us a tool, Resourcing, for creating positive memory capsules. She shares that our breath is a tool that we always have available and the key to this tool of Resourcing is to practice. We have to practice using this tool. In the PTSDandBeyond Podcast episode, Dr. Rowe Ward guides our own Mark Gruesbeck through this exercise!

Dr. Rowe Ward further shares that trauma energy gets stuck in us and has an impact on the nervous system. We can learn how to be in the "Zone of Well-Being" and how to learn to self-regulate where we help ourselves release this stuck energy and can help others. We learn to be okay with how and where we are and we can share this with others.

"I need inspiration to live." - Dr. Peggy Rowe Ward

While we are hardwired for threats, which links to negative information, through daily practice we can feel happy, be happy, and learn how to Resource ourselves and save it to our "hard drive." Inspiration is always there and touches the soul.

To learn more about Dr. Rowe Ward, the Lotus Institute, and Dr. Larry Ward's newly released book, America's Racial Karma: An Invitation to Heal, connect at:

Web: TheLotusInstitute.org

Email: Support@TheLotusInstitute.org


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