October 16, 2020

Anger and Name it to Tame It

I am angry vs. I feel angry are two totally different things. The first, I AM, is self-defining. The second, I FEEL, is the ability to recognize, acknowledge, and name a feeling without being consumed by it.

How often do we say, "I am sad?" This statement when said over and over becomes identifying of the SELF rather than the state of feeling.

How can we change this thinking? What can we do?

This week's episode of PTSD and Beyond, I share with listeners a personal struggle with anger...and how I'm beginning a new form of healing starting with Dan Siegel's Name It to Tame It. 

The next weeks (or whatever time it takes to work though anger), I openly share this journey because I know there's others who struggle with anger too. I made a promise to myself as well as to you...my kids...friends and loved ones...it's gonna be hard but I know I'm not alone and neither are you.

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“The journey forward was really inward ” – Michael Nulty

Who do I want to be? What is my life now? What is at the core and important to me? This week’s PTSD and Beyond Podcast guest is Michael Nulty; a a successful business leader and entrepreneur, top selling author, and cognitive life coach. Michael shares with us insights such as “lots can be done when you decide” and reflections to these questions and more. By recognizing the power of focusing on what we have rather that we don’t, we can develop a success mindset by setting ourselves up for success every day.

“We have to find the good in today” – Michael Nulty

Michael brings his lived-experiences and shares his story of twenty-seven years after he attempted suicide for the first time, he found himself back in a dark place. As life unraveled around him, Michael fell into a state of deep depression. His story is truly remarkable; in the midst of despair he found hope and a connection that changed his entire perspective and relationship with life. He describes this time as awakening. While everyone's path is different, Michael helps people to stop overlooking what can seem like inconsequential victories, find joy in the journey, and to recognize and appreciate what they've accomplished even when it's far less than hoped.

"Joy comes from you and out to the world!" - Michael Nulty

 Michael says, “To understand that to find something better in the future, we must first find it in this moment.” We are all a work in progress and not a failure for not being able to do something today. The work in progress means we get there a little at a time; not all at once.

The author of Ease Your Mind, Lift Your Spirit and Getting Beyond What Is: Taking Your Life Back, Michael is passionate about helping people re-imagine and re-build their lives so that they too can know what it's like to laugh again, feel hopeful, and live the life they previously thought was impossible turned into a manifestation into the life they live.

For more information about Michael Nulty, his work and books, you can find him at:

Website: michaelnultyauthor.com

Twitter: @MichaelNultyAut

Instagram: @MichaelNultyAuthor

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MichaelNultyAuthor/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-nulty-6b75137/


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October 2, 2020

Remember Who You Are - 2

Is this what healing looks like?

How often do we need to do some "adulting" task and our immediate reaction is fight-flight- or even freeze? How can we move from a mindset of procrastination, fear, scared, reluctance, or avoidance based out of to protect AND move to a mindset of "maybe this can be healing?"

Today's PTSD and Beyond episode, I share a lived-experience of moving from reluctance to scared to awareness of healing to awareness and growth of being proud of myself to healing. Yes, ALL of that in this one episode! I also share what I did, how I did it, and give tips on how you can too.

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"Our attachment is disease in the present moment" - Dr. Mike Watson

When we think of attachment, often what comes to mind are personal possessions that we hold dear. A family heirloom, a gift, or something that we value. We can also be attached to people. Unhealthy attachment or not experiencing attachment as a child, can lead to life-long challenges.

The concept of attachment has been long researched and studied. With so much data, then why are people struggling with pain, suffering, and the phrase, "let it go?"

"Pain is always present. Suffering is captures us and is attachment to pain"

- Dr. Mike Watson

In this week's PTSD and Beyond Podcast Episode, Dr. Mike Watson shares his passion and purpose of empowering others to travel their personal journey and discovering attachment/nonattachment as it relates to personal growth, finding purpose, recognizing pain vs. suffering, and reframing the phrase "let it go" to "let it be."

To find out more about Dr. Mike Watson connect here:

Twitter: @MikeWatsonToday

Web: mikewatson.today

YouTube: MikeWatsonToday

Instagram: MikeWatsonToday

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"No one can help you better than you can help yourself"

Chris Divver, Battalion Chief

Chris Divver is a Battalion Chief with over 20 years within fire service. A author and peer advocate, Chris shares his story of surviving suicide and PTSD recovery. He inspires others with his direct compassion and connection to other first responders and suicide survivors.


"Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it's a sign of leadership," says Chris. In this week's PTSD and Beyond Podcast Episode, Chris walks us through his tipping point moment that lead to recovery. He shares his many "ah-ha" awareness moments, the value of EMDR, as well as the importance of self-advocacy, a recovery team, and much more!


"Do it for yourself and find out and make it your own!" ~ Dr. Gus Castellanos

Who could use a bit of advice and sage wisdom about sleep? What about getting this advice and wisdom from the perspective of a retired neurologist, sleep specialist, and UMass Certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher?


Dr. Gus Castellanos is this week's PTSDandBeyond Podcast guest! Dr. Castellanos shares with us his experience-based practice of mindfulness and the story of how doctor burnout led him participating in the very program he recommended for his patients. The mindset of work harder led to stepping back and devoting to the consistent attempt to practice mindfulness and develop a set of skills that is calming and reconnects to life!

"The nature of the mind is to heal and to be safe," shares Dr. Castellanos. Keep an open mind, show up, pay attention, and listen to how mindfulness can help with sleep and life!

To learn more about Dr. Castellanos and his free drop-in sessions, workshops, and Epic Love Show, connect on:

Twitter - @GCast712

Website: Innermate.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/gus.castellanos.3


What is bravery? What is courage? What's the difference between the two? How are bravery and courage skills for mental wellness?


In this week's PTSDandBeyond Podcast episode, Mark Gruesbeck, MA and I continue the #PTSDandBeyond global twitter chat topic and discuss the questions. We reflect on responses from our community and share insights on how each of us has bravery and courage through our lived experiences as wounded healers.


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Dr. Deb

July 24, 2020

Keep Trying - Keep Doing

Have you ever tried to change an old habit? What about you find that something isn't working in life and you try something new? While trying and doing, have you found that there's a cheerleader and even loud megaphone - one of criticism? Self-criticism, trauma tapes, stress, and that negative voice enters in when we don't see immediate change.


Listen to this episode of PTSD and Beyond for awareness, lessons, some shout-outs to peers, practitioners, and how to keep trying...keep doing!


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In love and light,


Dr. Deb

Although we are adults, we are still children. We are someone's child no matter our age. Those of us with trauma, neglect, abandonment, and other child experiences, how do we deal with grief and mourning? How doe we deal with the sadness that comes from loss, the realization of what we didn't get...what we will never get...what we should have gotten...what we needed? How?

A Twitter follower, @RinkDancerMary, asks these questions. It's her questions that resulted in this podcast.

See...I used to think and feel the same way. I too had spent time and my life trying to make up for those losses in an unhealthy way. From lived experiences, I share with @PTSDandBeyond listeners what I did, how I did it, and how I am freed from that sadness, grief, and loss.

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In love and light,

Dr. Deb

July 2, 2020

Post Trauma Growth

Post Trauma Growth. What is this phrase? What does it mean? How do we know if and when we've experienced growth from trauma? In this week's PTSD and Beyond podcast, I share with listeners my experiences with PTSD and post trauma growth, provide real-lived examples, and ways to recognize and cultivate growth after trauma.


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