"The longer it lingers, the deeper it sets in the cells," Ariaa Jaeger

Activist, humanitarian, spiritualist, and recognized in 2017 and 2018 as one of "The Top 200 Most Influential Authors in the World," Ariaa Jaeger joins PTSD and Beyond to share with us how trauma is a cellular memory and consciousness imprint on our body as well emotions.

Ariaa brings light to ways to address, care, and heal as nothing is hard set and everything is fluid. She also brings a spot-light to being comfortable in the discomfort and ways to recognize how to bring motion and movement that shifts from comfort in discomfort to comfort in fluidity.

To learn more about Ariaa and her new book, The Souls Way, connect:

Web: Ariaa.com

Book: The Souls Way

Twitter: @AriaaJaeger

Instagram: @RealAriaaJaeger

Facebook: facebook.com/ariaajaeger


Surviving a death event requiring 22 minutes of CPR to come back to life, Dr. Mikal-Flynn joins this week's PTSD and Beyond Podcast to share her story as well as her work in trauma care.

Dr. Mikal-Flynn is an expert in resilience and her unique system of recovery, Metahabillitation, to guide survivors toward post-traumatic growth (PTG) which is highlighted in her book, Anatomy of a Survivor: Building Resilience Grit & Growth After Trauma


To learn more about Dr. Mikal-Flynn, contact her at:

Web: Metahab.com

Instagram: @dr.jmf

"We can be in disagreement and still be connected," Paul Bashea Williams, LCSW-C

Relationship Recovery Expert, author, and licensed counselor, Paul Bashea Williams shares with PTSD and Beyond is passion on the importance of mental health, relationships, motivation, and parenting.


In this episode, Mr. Williams explains how a long-term relationship influenced his experiences and helped to guide the beginnings of his now life purpose and career. Modeling vulnerability, Mr. Williams states, "we give a voice and found a voice where we listen in conversation." Starting the conversation and continuing the conversation about men's health, minority mental health, relationships, and community are all part of our conversation! Mr. William's goal is to influence healthy relationships by having understanding, comprehension, consideration, and compromise of how people interact with one another.

Hailed by Men's Health Magazine as a top therapist to follow, Mr. Williams is the founder of "What's Good Bro? A Brotherhood Mental Health Check In," as featured on HBO, author of "Dear Future Wife: A Man's Guide and a Woman's Reference to Healthy Relationships," and see on ABC, BET, Fox Soul, and Let's Talk LIVE! To connect with Mr. Williams and learn more about his book, work and practice, follow here:

Book: Dear Future Wife (TM)

Website: BasheaWilliams.com

Twitter: @BasheaWilliams

Instagram: @BasheaWilliams


Originally from Poland and now living in Australia, Janin shares their story of survival, awareness, and growing beyond trauma.

“Be kind to yourself,” Gloria Falco

PTSD and Beyond Community Member, Gloria Falco, shares her story of overcoming trauma by relying on intuition and self-advocacy. Every day Gloria posts ocean images on her social media feeds to start everyone’s day with kindness and happiness. Give a listen to her story of inspiration and compassion!

For more about Gloria, connect:

Twitter: @GloryRozeBud

Instagram: @Gloria_Falco

“We don’t have to live that way,” Kari

Kari's story is of survival and maternal strength! Give a listen to her story of overcoming trauma and breaking trauma cycles.


Podiatrist, Sepsis Survivor, and podcast host of Sepsis Stores from Worthington, England is Laura Williams. Laura shares her story of flashbacks and signs of PTSD from developing sepsis and medical treatment; insomnia, depression, and anxiety were daily occurrences. Talking about trauma, Laura’s made friends with other survivors and that tribe is now family. Give a listen to Laura’s story of PTSD and Beyond!

For more about Laura, connect:

Podcast: Your Sepsis Stories

Twitter: @SepsisS

Instagram: @LauraWilliams

I am still able to hope,” Deborah

Deborah’s story is of self-advocacy, recovery, and growth! Give a listen to her tenacious determination of overcoming trauma.

“For me to get this far, I’m very proud of myself,” Bryce Wilson

Australian Combat Photojournalist and documentary filmmaker, Bryce Wilson, shares his trauma stories of working during wars and humanitarian crises as well as from childhood. Doing the work to overcome the effects of trauma resulted in a growth Bryce says allowed him to be mentally free. Listen to Bryce’s story of freedom from trauma and superpowers of perseverance and resilience!

To learn more about Bryce, connect:

 Web: Bryce.Photography

Twitter: @BryceWilsonAU

Instagram: @BryceWilsonAU

“Figure out who you are without the PTSD,” Mary A.

Mary’s story is of self-awareness. Peeling back the layers of trauma, Mary discovered a strength that helped begin the healing journey moving from anxiety to calmness. Give a listen to her inspirational story!

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