December 4, 2020

Grief, Grieving, and Trauma Recovery and Healing

"Grief and grieving is the way; the way to closure and peace," ~ Dr. Deb Lindh

Grief. What is grief? Grieving. What is grieving? How are grief and grieving a part of trauma recovery and healing?

Often when thinking about grief and grieving, what comes to mind is death...the loss of a loved one. But we grieve many kinds of losses; the loss of a job, the loss of a relationship such as a friend or spouse in divorce, the loss of family like when going no-contact, and even the loss of heirlooms.

Grief and grieving in trauma recovery and healing is a much needed ingredient for growth, closure, and peace; it's rare to address and find it being addressed, discussed, and worked through.

This week's PTSD and Beyond Podcast, Mark Gruesbeck, M.A. and I talk about grief, grieving, trauma recovery , and healing from lived experiences. We openly share about this life experience from an open space that is safe, vulnerable, and authentic.

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