October 30, 2020

Motivation, Encouragement, and Inspiration

"Motivation is temporary. Encouragement provides support, confidence, and hope and inspiration touches the soul." ~ Dr. Deb Lindh

How often do we attend an event to see a motivational speaker...we're all jazzed and pump-up to go back to our homes, offices, and lives to put to use what we've heard only to shelve it? Watching the motivational speaker strut on stage we think "YEAH!" and within a short period of time, that "YEAH" fizzes out to "Meh!"


Motivation. It's temporary and yet it's packaged as sustainable. But it's not sustainable. If motivation was sustainable then we'd all be motivated and not need to come back to the many self-help books, videos, streams, and podcasts. We'd be all set.

So what can the place of motivation? Encouragement and Inspiration! This week's PTSD and Beyond Podcast episode shares with listeners the value of encouragement and inspiration and ways to embrace both.

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