April 8, 2021

Episode 56: Trauma and Transformation with Maverick Willett

"You cannot fix what you don't know or realize," Maverick Willett

Former Army Ranger, competitive body builder, and fitness coach, Maverick Willett shares with PTSD and Beyond  how struggles and trauma led to helping himself and others commit slowly to recovery, build trust in ourselves, and achieve our best successes!

"Trauma is something we can relate to," says Maverick, "how you help yourself and others by uncovering root causes are what we come to realize." Maverick's transformed trauma into a life dedicated to helping women in fitness noting that how we think and the default behaviors and thoughts keep us in a place of escape. Listen to our interview with Maverick as he shares how he helps women feel more confident and empowered by taking care of their mind and body.

To connect with Maverick Willett, find him at:

Web: Maverick Online Coaching

Instagram: Maverick Online Coaching

Twitter: @Mav_423

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