August 21, 2020

Sleep and Mindfulness with Dr. Gus Castellanos

"Do it for yourself and find out and make it your own!" ~ Dr. Gus Castellanos

Who could use a bit of advice and sage wisdom about sleep? What about getting this advice and wisdom from the perspective of a retired neurologist, sleep specialist, and UMass Certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher?


Dr. Gus Castellanos is this week's PTSDandBeyond Podcast guest! Dr. Castellanos shares with us his experience-based practice of mindfulness and the story of how doctor burnout led him participating in the very program he recommended for his patients. The mindset of work harder led to stepping back and devoting to the consistent attempt to practice mindfulness and develop a set of skills that is calming and reconnects to life!

"The nature of the mind is to heal and to be safe," shares Dr. Castellanos. Keep an open mind, show up, pay attention, and listen to how mindfulness can help with sleep and life!

To learn more about Dr. Castellanos and his free drop-in sessions, workshops, and Epic Love Show, connect on:

Twitter - @GCast712




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