March 4, 2021

Episode 46: Reversing Trauma through Mental Imagery

"In imagination, anything can happen," 

Phyllis Kahaney, Ph.D. & Rachel Epstein, L.Ac., J.D.


In this episode of PTSD and Beyond, we welcome the authors of Reversing the Trauma of War, Rachel Epstein, L.Ac. and Dr. Phyllis Kahaney where they share the effectiveness of using mental imagery in reducing symptoms of PTSD and Stress.

"There is always hope and the possibly of change,"

Phyllis Kahaney, Ph.D. & Rachel Epstein, L.Ac., J.D.


Both Rachel and Dr. Kahaney bring a blend of lived-experience to this PTSD and Beyond. Episode. Rachel is the director of the American Institute for Mental Imagery (AIMI) in New York City where she continues the legacy and work of her late husband and founder of AIMI, Dr. Gerald Epstein.  After successfully overcoming the symptoms of PTSD using mental imagery, Dr. Kahaney's uses mental imagery as a core treatment modality in her work as a readjustment counselor at the San Diego Vet Center.


As a bonus within this episode, Rachel and Dr. Kahaney guide us through a mental imagery exercise (Disclaimer: do not drive or operate a moving vehicle or machinery when doing the exercise).  To learn more about their work as well as to connect, contact them at:

Web: Reversing War Trauma

Book: Reversing the Trauma  War


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