April 2, 2021

Episode 55: Social Media Safety with Ed Peisner and Marc Berkman

There's a dark side to social media. One that needs to be part of conversations asking society, leaders, families, and individuals:

How do we ensure safety of social media?

How do we protect children from social media dangers?

What can leaders, communities, families, and individuals do to help?

One group, the Organization for Social Media Safety, is taking action. Founded by Ed Peisner and led by CEO Marc Berkman, the Organization for Social Media Safety is a powerhouse paving the way from working with legislation, establishing Jordan's Law, and providing services to help parents, schools, and individuals to make social safe for everyone through a comprehensive approach that includes education, advocacy, and technology development.

The why. Their why. The Organization for Social Media Safety began as a result when in 2016, Ed's son, a then 14-year-old, Jordan Peisner, was viciously assaulted by another teen he did not know while standing outside a restaurant with his friends. Instead of getting help, witnesses and friends of the perpetrator stood and filmed the assault on their phones and then quickly uploaded their videos to social media leaving Jordan laying helpless on the ground with the horrifying footage circulating social media viewed by hundreds of thousands. 

While Jordan slowly recovered from the severe and ultimately lifelong, injuries, Ed  declared to make sure that no other child or family would endure a similar horrific experience. Ed created the Organization for Social Media Safety.

Give a listen to this important podcast episode and the messages that Ed and Marc bring to our listeners. To connect with Ed and Marc, you can find them here:

Web: Organization for Social Media Safety

Twitter: @SocialMedSafety

Facebook: OFSMS

Instagram: Org4SocialMediaSafety


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