July 22, 2022

EP 152: Anxiety and French Press

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Anxiety. ARGH!

Why? Why do you, anxiety, affect us so much...why?

In today's PTSD and Beyond episode, we extend the PTSD and Beyond global chat open discussion on anxiety....what can we share and learn from peer-support about anxiety?

During this open discussion, it occurred to me that a new technique I've been practicing...the French Press technique...has been helpful in reducing anxiety; at least managing it. This technique is different for me in that there's a visualization that resonates. I can see and connect with the image of a french press and making the coffee...the connection between the sludge at the bottom with anxiety. Anxiety is like the sludge on the bottom and what's left at the top is a different energy.

Listen to this technique as I guide folks through on using it - listen first and then give it a go. Let me know what you think...

Give a listen. Take what resonates. And Go Beyond!


Dr. Deb

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